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Reaching Twenty’s Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Provença, 261, 08008 Barcelona, Spain

Metro: You can reach Twenty’s Barcelona using the metro.

Bus: Buses are another convenient option to reach Twenty’s Barcelona.

Taxi: Taxis are readily available throughout Barcelona, and you can easily hail one to reach Twenty’s Barcelona. Simply provide the taxi driver with the address: Carrer de Provença, 261.

a fantastic pregame experience!

Nearby Restaurants and Bars for Pregame

Here are a few nearby restaurants and bars where you can enjoy some pregame before visiting Twenty’s Barcelona:

  1. Poke Maoli
    • Address: Carrer de Còrsega, 225, 08036 Barcelona, Spain
    • Cuisine: Hawaiian-inspired, fresh seafood, poke bowls
  2. Bodega Joan
    • Address: Carrer de Rosselló, 164, 08036 Barcelona, Spain
    • Cuisine: Spanish tapas, extensive wine selection
  3. Cervecería Catalana
    • Address: Carrer de Mallorca, 236, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
    • Cuisine: Spanish tapas, lively atmosphere
  4. Dry Martini
    • Address: Carrer d’Aribau, 162-166, 08036 Barcelona, Spain
    • Cuisine: Classic cocktails, elegant ambiance

Please note that opening hours and availability of these establishments may vary, so it’s recommended to check ahead of time. Enjoy your time at Twenty’s Barcelona and have

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