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Here’s an in-depth guide to help you navigate the Thursday night party scene in Barcelona, including club options, bar options, and the typical crowds you can expect to find.

Club Options:

  1. Razzmatazz: Located in the Poblenou neighborhood, Razzmatazz is one of Barcelona’s iconic and largest nightclubs. On Thursdays, Razzmatazz hosts various parties, featuring a mix of music genres across its multiple rooms. You can expect a diverse crowd and a high-energy atmosphere.
  2. Pacha Barcelona: Situated in the Port Olímpic area, Pacha is a renowned nightclub brand with a branch in Barcelona. Thursday nights at Pacha often feature international DJs spinning electronic and dance music, attracting a stylish and energetic crowd looking for a glamorous night out.
  3. Sutton Barcelona: Located in the Eixample district, Sutton is a high-end club known for its luxurious ambiance and upscale clientele. On Thursdays, Sutton hosts exclusive events and parties, offering a mix of commercial hits and electronic beats. Expect a sophisticated and trendy crowd.

Bar Options:

Here are some specific bar recommendations for a lively Thursday night in Barcelona:

  1. El Raval:
    • Betty Ford’s Bar: Located in the heart of El Raval, Betty Ford’s Bar is a lively spot known for its creative cocktails and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy their signature drinks and mingle with a friendly and diverse crowd.
    • Marsella: As mentioned earlier, Marsella is Barcelona’s oldest bar and a favorite among locals and tourists. This historic bar has a bohemian atmosphere and is famous for its absinthe. Thursday nights often offer a lively ambiance with people enjoying drinks and conversations.
  2. Gràcia:
    • El Disbarat: Situated in the vibrant Plaça del Sol, El Disbarat is a popular bar with a cozy and lively atmosphere. Enjoy their wide selection of drinks, including cocktails and craft beers. The bar often hosts live music performances or DJ sets on Thursday nights.
    • El Col·leccionista: Located in the heart of Gràcia, El Col·leccionista is a trendy bar with vintage decor and a laid-back vibe. They offer an extensive selection of craft beers, wines, and spirits. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere and friendly staff while mingling with locals and fellow travelers.
  3. Gothic Quarter:
    • El Paradiso: Tucked behind a pastrami sandwich shop, El Paradiso is a hidden speakeasy-style bar in the Gothic Quarter. Known for its inventive and beautifully crafted cocktails, El Paradiso offers a unique and sophisticated experience. Indulge in their creative concoctions and savor the atmosphere.
  4. Barceloneta:
    • Bar Calders: Located in the vibrant Barceloneta neighborhood, Bar Calders is a popular bar known for its relaxed and cozy ambiance. Enjoy their extensive drink menu, including craft beers and vermouth, along with tasty tapas. The bar often attracts a mixed crowd looking for a laid-back evening.

Remember that bars can be subject to change, and it’s always a good idea to check their respective websites or social media pages for any specific events or updates for Thursday nights.

Enjoy exploring the Barcelona nightlife and have a fantastic time at the bars!

Neighborhoods to explore on a Thursday Night in Barcelona

  1. El Raval: The vibrant neighborhood of El Raval is home to a variety of bars and pubs perfect for a Thursday night out. Explore Carrer de Joaquín Costa, known for its trendy bars like Betty Ford’s Bar, a lively spot with a relaxed atmosphere and creative cocktails. You can also check out Marsella, a historic absinthe bar with a bohemian ambiance.
  2. Gràcia: The bohemian neighborhood of Gràcia is another great option for Thursday night bar hopping. Head to Plaça del Sol, a lively square filled with cozy bars and terraces. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and visit popular spots like El Disbarat or El Col·leccionista.

Typical Crowds: Thursday nights in Barcelona attract a diverse mix of crowds, including locals, expats, and tourists. Clubs like Razzmatazz, Pacha Barcelona, and Sutton Barcelona draw in a stylish and energetic crowd looking for a memorable night out. The atmosphere in these venues is often electric and lively.

In the bars of El Raval and Gràcia, you’ll find a mix of locals, international visitors, and trendy locals who appreciate the neighborhoods’ alternative vibes. These areas offer a more laid-back ambiance, perfect for enjoying drinks and conversations with friends.

Remember that specific event listings and crowds can vary, so it’s always a good idea to check the websites or social media pages of the venues you’re interested in for the most up-to-date information.

Enjoy your Thursday night party adventures in Barcelona and have a fantastic time exploring the vibrant nightlife scene!

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