The Ultimate Guide to Shoko Barcelona!

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Shoko Barcelona, my personal favourite club on Barcelona’s famed Barceloneta Beach. A Japanese Fusion restaurant by day and one of the hottest clubs in Spain by night.

What’s fascinating about Shoko is that there is always something going on. 365 Days a year…

Its a sure bet that if you pick any random night, Shoko will be either a good option or the outright best option. In Winter, Shoko has their Mondays and Tuesdays going strong while their neighbours are empty.

In Summer you can count on all the beach clubs being full. Shoko still is a top option if you like Hip Hop/RnB which sets it apart from its neighbors: Opium, Pacha and Catwalk.

The following guide will include every possible detail on the club and after reading it you’ll have a complete understanding of the venue and can enjoy your night out without any doubts.

The magic of going out to either Shoko, or its neighbors Opium, Pacha, Carpe Diem and Catwalk is that after you’re done dancing you can either enjoy a lovely drink on the clubs terrace (they all have one right up at the beach) or even just stepping on to the beach with your newfound companion for a romantic walk in the moonlight.

Another plus for Shoko is that its door isn’t extremely strict. It allows a fairly casual vibe inside, excellent if you prefer a more relaxed club or if you haven’t brought your dress shoes or heels.


How to get to Shoko?

Shoko Barcelona is located on Passeig Marítim, 36, 08003 Barcelona near port olympic, where you’ll find a selection of bars, the barcelona casino and couple of other great nightclubs: Pacha and Opium. The nearest Metro station is Ciutadella Vila Olimpica on the L4 (also known as the yellow line) which goes straight across Barcelona. Otherwise you have the taxi option. We highly recommend using cabify as it offers you a large discount and amazing ease of use.

Quick Tip : For those of you coming from abroad, uber and other private ridesharing apps are illegal in Barcelona. The best alternative is Cabify which is essentially the same as uber but legal in Barcelona.


How to get past the bouncers?

The Dress code in Shoko is fairly standard for the clubs in Barcelona. If you put yourself together decently and don’t come in sportswear you’ll be fine to enter. The main problem is if you have beach or sportswear, or look like a tramp. Friday and Saturday they enforce the dress code more strictly so ideally dress up a tad more.  In Shoko they are fairly relaxed about the age, anything 18+ will get in, however the average age in the club is anywhere from 18-40.

The guideline for the dress code in Shoko is:

  • No Rasta
  • No sweatpants
  • No athletic wear of any kind
  • No shorts (exception for dress shorts with nice shoes)


Use your night out at Shoko to dress up, there is a strong VIP vibe at Shoko and free drinks aplenty. Wear something sexy.


My recommendation is coming to Shoko looking fresh, showered and put together. No trainers, non-dress shorts or sporty clothing.

My Best tip for both guys and girls is to simply check out the albums of previous parties at Shoko to see what everyone else is wearing inside.

Plus, theres nothing better to hype up a night out that putting on you favourite club tunes and browing through club albums.

QUICK TIP: However, if you dress up very well and especially if it is not a weekend night, there is a good chance you’ll be let in if you are under the age requirement.


Shoko never reallly suffers from extremely long lines except in the peak of Summer. My recommendation to get passt this is to put yourself on the guest list and youll be in in 10 minutes.

I’d definately recommend turning up around 00:45-01:00. Why? Because there is usually a surge of people at midnight, then another at 1:30 as the free entry via the guestlist usually ends at that time.

QUICK TIP: Get yourself on our Guestlist to avoid inflated cover charges! And stick to the dresscode to ensure entry!


The regular cover in Shoko is 15 Euros, however it almost always includes a drink or two, depending on the hour and how full the club will be on the night.

However, feel free to use our VIP guestlist to get in without paying the cover. Alternatively, you can reserve and get yourself a VIP table for the night.

That way you’ll just be paying for your bottle which has the cover charge included. More info on Table Reservations here.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: It’s always best to get on our guestlist to skip the cover!


The regular cover in Shoko is 15 Euros as mentioned. But, its almost always a better deal to get on the guest list as drinks inside cost 12 euros tops. Depending on the night and the season, our guest list might last until 1am, 1:30am or 2am.

It’ll always be best to check out guest list page, or ask one of our promoters directly.


Where best to get cocktails?

You’re in luck at Shoko if you like cocktails, they have a cocktail bar! (Most clubs here in Barcelona don’t). There is a circular island bar right in the middle of the dancefloor (Can’t Miss it) which there is always one cocktail bartender ready to serve  you the classics.

They are pricey though, you’ve been warned.

A big plus at Shoko is that there are an abundance of bars and bartenders, so wait times are far shorter than at rival clubs to get your drink. The prices are also not as expensive as Opium, but still up there with the best of the rest.

The drink prices at Shoko in Summer are:

  • Longdrinks at 15 Euros
  • Beers at 7 Euros
  • Shots at 4 Euros
  • Cocktails at 15 Euros

With the prices in the off season being a little more friendly.

QUICK TIP: To avoid this we have a couple insiders tips, we always find bar XYZ (see map) has the least waiting times.


INSIDERS SECRET: The club has two Toilets, one big one for the dance floor and a separate toilet for the VIP area. A big plus if you’re going for a table reservation at Shoko.

INSIDERS SECRET: You’ll find one of the best Terraces at a nightclub in the VIP area at Shoko. Sadly due to legislation the terraces don’t have their own DJs anymore, however its still great to lounge about and chitchat.


Shoko has one of the most premium VIP areas in Barcelona. Its the Number 1 coice for those of you that love Hip Hop and RnB and if you’re going out for a VIP experience during the week as Shoko is always full.

The club is also a staple for local and international celebrities. Regular visits by Footballers and their entourage, alot of Instagram influencers and the like.

If you’re looking to take a VIP table for your night out you can reach out to us via Whatsapp and we’ll have your table reserved ASAP.


Shoko is a staple for everyone in Barcelona. Tourists and the local internationals alike. A definate must visit in Barcelona. Its best nights are pretty much every single night as its constantly full.

Our own team hosts the Fuckin Monday on Mondays, perfect for young internationals and the Free Dinner on Thursday, perfect for anyone who likes free food and drinks!

I always recommend you to get in touch with our network so ou can stay up to date with what we are recommending on the day, you can join our Facebook Groups, our Whatsapp Groups, follow our Instagram Page or just send me a Whatsapp to ask me what’s good on the night.

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