The Ultimate Guide to Opium Mar Barcelona!

If you already know everything there is to know about Opium and you’re planning on going there, well here you go:


Opium Mar Barcelona, the crown jewel of Barcelona nightlife… listed recently as the number 22 nightclub in the world and definitely a must-see for anyone and everyone passing through Barcelona.

The Opium nightclub can only be referred to as a staple in our weekly guide due to its sheer capacity to create the most spectacular parties in Barcelona. The following guide will include every possible detail on the nightclub and after reading it you’ll have a complete understanding of the venue and can enjoy your night out without any doubts.

You’ll Find Opium is one of the famed “Barcelona Beach Clubs” down at Port Olympic. The true magic of going out to either Opium, or its neighbors Shoko, Pacha, Carpe Diem and Catwalk is that after you’re done dancing you can either enjoy a lovely drink on the clubs terrace (they all have one right up at the beach) or even just stepping on to the beach with your newfound companion for a romantic walk in the moonlight.

In summer the Barceloneta beach right in front of all the clubs gets packed with young tourists enjoying life, drinking cheap alcohol either as a pre or post party before going into Opium, Shoko, Pacha or Catwalk


How to get to Opium?

Opium Mar Barcelona is located on Passeig Marítim, 34, 08003 Barcelona near port Olympic, where you’ll find a selection of bars, the Barcelona casino and a couple of other great nightclubs: Pacha and Shoko. The nearest Metro station is Ciutadella Vila Olimpica on the L4 (also known as the yellow line) which goes straight across Barcelona. Otherwise, you have the taxi option. We highly recommend using Cabify as it offers you a large discount and amazing ease of use.

Quick Tip: For those of you coming from abroad, uber and other private ridesharing apps are illegal in Barcelona. The best alternative is Cabify which is essentially the same as uber but legal in Barcelona.


How to get past the bouncers?

The Dress code in Opium is one of the strictest of Barcelona’s mainstream clubs. Especially on the big nights: Friday and Saturday they enforce the dress code very strictly so you better come well prepared. Furthermore, the age cutoff is +21 for guys and +19 for girls.

The dress code in Opium is:

  • No Rasta
  • No sweatpants
  • No athletic wear of any kind
  • No excessive tattoos/piercings
  • No shorts (exception for dress shorts with nice shoes)
  • No uniforms (including hen party team dresses)
  • No hats
  • No Undercut hairstyles


Best use your night out at Opium to dress to impress. Wear a cocktail dress, a skirt, some distressed denim, or whatever else is sexy. The risk for you is in summer you’ll be tempted to go to Opium after a day at the beach, or after walking around the city checking out all the sights to see.

I don’t recommend going to Opium straight after. Go home, freshen up and look amazing!


Make an effort. My recommendation is coming to Opium looking fresh, showered and well put together. No trainers, non-dress shorts or sporty clothing.

I’d give the same advice to guys as I would to girls. Opium is a club you dress up for, especially in the Summer months or else you won’t get let in.

My Best tip for both guys and girls is to simply check out the albums of previous parties at Opium to see what everyone else is wearing inside.

Plus, there’s nothing better to hype up a night out that putting on your favourite club tunes and browsing through club albums.

QUICK TIP: However, if you dress up very well and especially if it is not a weekend night, there is a good chance you’ll be let in if you are under the age requirement.


Opium, due to its popularity sometimes results in very harsh lines, sometimes going on for a hundred meters! In summer on the hot nights, you will likely find yourself in a very long line if you get your timing wrong. In the worst case (around 2 am on a Friday night in Opium Mar, you’ll be waiting for around an hour)

Barcelona’s nightclubs usually all have a similar dynamic: The place opens at midnight, it slowly fills up until around 1-1:15 am, then all of a sudden the line explodes all the way until 2:30 am. This is usually because the free entry via guest list has the cutoff hour at 2 am and everyone comes at the same time to skip the cover charge.

QUICK TIP: Always arrive around 1-1:15am, this will allow you to get in the club with the least amount of waiting time (not to mention less stressed out bouncers) and you can comfortably get a feel for the club before the craziness starts around 2am.


The regular cover in Opium Barcelona is 20 Euros. However, these almost always include a drink with the price. However, feel free to use our VIP guest list to get in without paying the cover. Alternatively, you can reserve and get yourself a VIP table for the night. That way you’ll just be paying for your bottle which has the cover charge included.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: It’s always best to get on our guestlist to skip the cover!


The regular cover in Opium Barcelona is 20 Euros. However these almost always include a drink with the price. However, feel free to use our VIP guestlist to get in without paying the cover. Alternatively, you can reserve and get yourself a VIP table for the night. That way you’ll just be paying for your bottle which has the cover charge included.


Where best to get cocktails?

We’ve all experienced the situation in a full nightclub: we’ve just arrived and would like to indulge in some fine vodka, or we’ve just found our future ex on the dancefloor and would like to invite him/her to a drink, you get to the bar, and around a million other people had the same idea. The bar is full and you find yourself waiting ages to get your drink!

The drink prices at Opium in Summer are:

  • Longdrinks at 18 Euros
  • Beers at 9 Euros
  • Shots at 6 Euros
  • Cocktails at 20 Euros

QUICK TIP: To avoid this we have a couple insiders tips, we always find bar XYZ (see map) has the least waiting times.


INSIDERS SECRET: You’ll find two WC’s in the nightclub, number 2 (see map) has a much larger capacity and is further away from the entrance! Therefore it is never as full as WC number 1. Ladies take note! WC number 1 often has 20-minute lines on a weekend night! Head to WC number 2!

INSIDERS SECRET:  Along this bar, you’ll likely find one of the very few quiet spots in the club to practice your chat up lines.

INSIDERS SECRET: Usually, most bars serve just straight drinks and long drinks (Vodka/lemon, Rum/Cola, etc). However, Bar XYZ (see map) is the only bar which also serves more exotic cocktails! So if you fancy a Strawberry Daiquiri or a White Russian that’s where you’ll have to go!


Opium is one of the most premium clubs in Barcelona. The VIP is an accurate reflection of that. It has one of the top VIP experiences in the Mediterranean with frequent high-roller and celebrity guests dropping by.

Bottle Prices start at 300 Euros (slightly higher than the Barcelona average) and the VIP is often completely sold out. For more info on the VIP and Reservations at Opium best go to our VIP section, linked below.

If you’re looking to take a VIP table for your night out you can reach out to us via Whatsapp and we’ll have your table reserved ASAP.


Opium is a definite must visit in Barcelona. Its best nights are Friday and Saturday and if you’d ask me which night is better I’d choose Friday. Its open every single day of the year, so you can always go.

However, this is important to know:

In Summer Opium is full all the time and you’ll have a blast whichever night, but anywhere else in the year I’d recommend saving Opium for the weekend. It runs the risk of not filling up enough during the week and might be slightly awkward.

I always recommend you to get in touch with our network so you can stay up to date with what we are recommending on the day, you can join our Facebook Groups, our Whatsapp Groups, follow our Instagram Page or just send me a Whatsapp to ask me what’s good on the night.

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