The Ultimate Guide to The Mojito Club Barcelona!

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Mojito Barcelona club is a lively nightclub with a Latin atmosphere. The music is a mix of Latin and electronic dance music, and the DJs are always spinning the latest tracks. The club is typically crowded on weekends, so be prepared to wait in line.

Mojito Barcelona club is known for its mojitos, but they also serve a variety of other cocktails, beers, and wines. If you are looking for a lively and festive night out in Barcelona, Mojito Barcelona club is a great option. The club has a great atmosphere, and the drinks are delicious. However, it is important to note that the club can be quite crowded on weekends, so be prepared to wait in line.



  • By metro: The closest metro stations to Mojito Barcelona club are Liceu (L3/L5) and Universitat (L1/L3). From either station, walk for about 5 minutes to Carrer del Cardenal Casallarch 23.
  • By bus: There are several bus stops near Mojito Barcelona club. The closest bus stops are:
    • Cardenal Casallarch – Liceu (H10, V13)
    • Ronda Sant Pere – Universitat (N16, N21, N26)
  • By car: There is no dedicated parking for Mojito Barcelona club. However, there are several parking garages in the area.

Once you arrive at Mojito Barcelona club, you will see a large sign with the club’s name. The entrance is on the right side of the building.

Quick Tip : For those of you coming from abroad, uber and other private ridesharing apps are illegal in Barcelona. The best alternative is Cabify which is essentially the same as uber but legal in Barcelona.


  • Dress code: The dress code for Mojito Barcelona club is smart casual. This means that you should avoid wearing anything too revealing, too casual, or too dirty. Some examples of appropriate clothing include:
    • Dress pants or jeans
    • A button-down shirt or blouse
    • A skirt or dress
    • Closed-toe shoes
  • Age requirement: Mojito Barcelona club is 18+.

QUICK TIP: However, if you dress up very well and especially if it is not a weekend night, there is a good chance you’ll be let in if you are under the age requirement.


The average line for Mojito Barcelona club can vary depending on the day of the week and the time of night. On Thursdays, the line is usually shorter, while on Fridays and Saturdays, the line can be quite long. The line is also typically longer later at night.

Here is a rough estimate of the average line length for Mojito Barcelona club:

  • Thursdays: 15-30 minutes
  • Fridays: 30-60 minutes
  • Saturdays: 60-90 minutes


  • Cover price: The cover price for Mojito Barcelona club is €20 on Thursdays and Fridays, and €25 on Saturdays.
  • Drink prices: Drink prices at Mojito Barcelona club are on the higher end. A beer will typically cost around €12, a cocktail will cost around €15, and a bottle of wine will cost around €50.


  • VIP tables: VIP tables at Mojito Barcelona club offer a number of benefits, including:
    • Guaranteed entry: VIP table guests are guaranteed entry to the club, even if the line is long.
    • Reserved seating: VIP table guests have reserved seating in the club, so they can always find a place to sit.
    • Fast service: VIP table guests receive fast service from the club’s staff.
    • VIP amenities: VIP table guests have access to a number of VIP amenities, such as a private bar, a dedicated hostess, and a coat check.
  • Bottle service: Bottle service at Mojito Barcelona club is a great way to enjoy a night out with friends. Bottle service packages include a bottle of alcohol, mixers, and glasses, and they can save you money on drinks.
    • Prices: Bottle service prices at Mojito Barcelona club vary depending on the type of bottle you choose. A bottle of vodka will typically cost around €250, while a bottle of champagne will cost around €500.


  • Mojito Barcelona Club is open from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM, Thursday through Saturday. The best nights to go are Fridays and Saturdays, as the club is typically more crowded and the atmosphere is more lively.

Here are some additional tips for enjoying your night at Mojito Barcelona Club:

  • Book a table or bottle service: If you want to avoid waiting in line and have a more luxurious experience, you can book a table or bottle service.
  • Arrive early: The club gets crowded quickly, so it is a good idea to arrive early.
  • Have fun and be safe: Mojito Barcelona Club is a great place to party, but it is important to have fun and be safe. Drink responsibly and watch out for your friends.

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