Welcome to the club that never shuts down!

Jamboree Barcelona is the place to go for all the R&B and jazz fans. Open 365 days a year, Jamboree Barcelona is always ready to welcome its perpetually increasing fans to its dance club in Barcelona. With a selection of the finest local musicians and some international artists joining them, Jamboree is one of the most popular dance clubs in Barcelona enticing their locals and tourists alike with smooth jazz, R&B and some hip-hop.

Opened over half a century ago, Jamboree is known to host amazing live performances and parties every day of the week. However, there is a certain dress code you will need to follow.

Here is a guideline on how Men and Women can dress to impress for Jamboree Barcelona!

Jamboree Dress Code for Men:

Located right at the heart of Barcelona, Jamboree is one of the hottest underground clubbing spots in Barcelona. However, in order to get in and gel with the vibe of Jamboree, there is a dress code that you will need to follow. Don’t sweat it, though! Simply follow these guidelines and you can be dressed to the prime, ready to show off your sick moves at the club!

The clothes

Well, unlike other clubs, Jamboree has played it easy with the rules. While there is no strict dress code as such, the dress code for Jamboree requires you to be dressed in smart casuals. The focus of the club is for you to have fun, so put on your best party shirt and get ready to jazz it up at Jamboree!

The shoes

Since the dress code at Jamboree is refreshingly casual, you do not have to worry too much about being dressed to the nines. However, when it comes to shoes, you should try and wear dark coloured shoes which are not trainers or sneakers, just to be safe. Wear something which is comfortable enough for you to dance all night in!

The hair

Jamboree welcomes all forms of uniqueness, so when it comes to your hair, the rules are no different! Sport your hair in any style you wish to, as all Jamboree cares about is its customers having a great time!

The tattoos

Needless to say, Jamboree is a mix of cultures from all over the world. Tattoos are welcome, the more one-of-a-kind, the better!

The company

Since the guidelines to enter Jamboree are relatively lax, you should not have any problems in entering. However, since Jamboree is specially known for its jazz and R&B nights, it could be helpful to find a date to enter the club, just so that you have someone to dance along with you all night!

Jamboree Dress Code for Women:

Being a woman has its perks, and one of the perks is to be able to enter into any club without much hassle! Well, Jamboree is more than happy to welcome you, regardless of age, gender, colour, however, following a simple dress code might add a few brownie points to your bag.

The most important thing to keep in mind is, you must dress to impress! Even so, here are a few guidelines you can follow for Jamboree Barcelona.

The clothes

Anything goes, as long as it is not sportswear, beach wear, or inner wear! There is no such strict dress code for women in Jamboree, however, if you are getting ready to spend a night dancing to hip-hop, R&B and jazz, it is advisable that you dress the part! Showing off a little too much skin than necessary might get you rejected from entering the club.

The shoes

Dancing all night can be considered quite a workout, and most girls would not work out in their heels, am I right?

Well, if you can manage a night out in heels, you are more than welcome to! However, if you prefer comfortable shoes, you can wear any kind that you like.

However, it is best to keep the sports shoes for your gym, and not the club.

The hair

Black, grey, blonde, red, whatever colour you love, whatever style you love, you are more than welcome at Jamboree! The club focuses on allowing its members to have a great time, dancing it up to their famous bands and live performances. Your hair will not be an issue at Jamboree!

The tattoos

Who doesn’t like to look at a girl with tattoos? Well, at Jamboree, you can sport just about any tattoo you wish! However, if you have tattoos in intimate places, it’s probably best not to show them off at the club. While there is no code for tattoos, there is still a code of discipline you should follow!

Keep the intimate tattoos for show outside the club maybe!

That’s it!

Jamboree is like a huge dance floor full of multicultural aspects. Welcoming people from all around the world, you are likely to bump into some of the most quirky personalities in Jamboree!

The casual dress code makes it easy for you to show off your own unique sense of style to the rest of the club. Well, that’s about it! That being said, you’re all set to jazz it up at Jamboree!

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