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Jamboree is a jazz club in Barcelona that has been around since 1960. It is located in the heart of the city, in the Raval district, and it is known for its live music, its intimate atmosphere, and its friendly staff.

The club has a capacity of 200 people, and it is divided into two main areas: the main room and the Jamboree Bar. The main room is where the live music takes place, and it is where you will find a mix of traditional jazz, blues, funk, and soul music. The Jamboree Bar is a more relaxed space, and it is a great place to enjoy a drink and chat with friends.

Jamboree Barcelona is a great place to see some of the best jazz musicians in the world. The club has hosted a wide range of artists over the years, including Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, and John Scofield. If you are a fan of jazz music, then Jamboree Barcelona is a must-visit.



Here are a few ways to get to Jamboree Barcelona club location:

  • Metro: The closest metro station is Liceu (L3 or L4). Jamboree Barcelona is a short walk from the station.
  • Liceu metro station Barcelona
  • Bus: There are several bus lines that stop near Jamboree Barcelona, including the 14, 41, and 45.
  • Bus stop Barcelona
  • Walking: If you are staying in the city center, Jamboree Barcelona is a short walk from many hotels.

Here are the directions from Liceu metro station:

  1. Exit the metro station and turn right onto Carrer de Sant Pau.
  2. Carrer de Sant Pau Barcelona
  3. Walk for about 5 minutes until you reach Carrer de Tallers.
  4. Carrer de Tallers Barcelona
  5. Turn left onto Carrer de Tallers and walk for about 50 meters. Jamboree Barcelona will be on your right.

The club is also located in the Raval district, so you can also walk there from the Plaça Reial if you prefer.

Quick Tip : For those of you coming from abroad, uber and other private ridesharing apps are illegal in Barcelona. The best alternative is Cabify which is essentially the same as uber but legal in Barcelona.


The dress code at Jamboree Barcelona is smart casual. This means that guests should avoid wearing anything too revealing or too casual. For men, this means a button-up shirt or polo, dark pants, and dress shoes. For women, this means a dress or skirt, a blouse or top, and heels or flats.

The age requirement for Jamboree Barcelona is 18 years old. Guests under the age of 18 will not be allowed entry.

Here are some additional tips for dressing for Jamboree Barcelona:

  • Avoid wearing anything too revealing, such as crop tops, short shorts, or swimsuits.
  • Avoid wearing anything too casual, such as sneakers, flip-flops, or ripped jeans.
  • Dress to impress! The dress code at Jamboree Barcelona is smart casual, so you want to look your best.

If you are not sure what to wear, it is always best to err on the side of caution and dress more formally. You can always take off layers if you get too hot.


The average line for Jamboree Barcelona club depends on the night of the week and the time of night. On weekends, the line can be quite long, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. On weekdays, the line is usually shorter, but it can still be there, especially on Thursday nights.

The average line time for Jamboree Barcelona club is also dependent on the time of night. On weekends, the line can take up to an hour to get through, especially after midnight. On weekdays, the line time is usually shorter, but it can still take up to 30 minutes to get through.

Here are some tips for avoiding the line at Jamboree Barcelona club:

  • Go during the week. The lines are usually shorter on weekdays than on weekends.
  • Go early. The lines start to get long later in the night, so it is best to go early if you want to avoid the wait.
  • Have a reservation. If you have a reservation, you will be able to skip the line and go straight in.


  • Cover charge: €15-€20
  • Beer: €5-€7
  • Shot: €7-€9
  • Soft drink: €4-€6
  • Cocktail: €10-€12


  • Priority entry: You will get to skip the line and go straight into the club.
  • Dedicated table: You will have your own table with bottle service.
  • Access to the VIP area: The VIP area is a more exclusive and luxurious part of the club.
  • Better service: The staff will give you preferential treatment.
  • Discounts on drinks: You will get discounts on drinks if you have VIP or bottle service.

If you are looking for a more exclusive and luxurious experience at Jamboree Barcelona, then VIP tables or bottle service are a great option. However, they can be expensive, so it is important to factor in the cost when planning your night out.


  • Wednesdays: Wednesdays are a good night to go to Jamboree Barcelona if you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. The club is not as crowded on Wednesdays, and the music is more laid-back.
  • Thursdays: Thursdays are a good night to go to Jamboree Barcelona if you are looking for a good mix of music. The club plays a variety of genres on Thursdays, including jazz, blues, funk, and soul.
  • Fridays: Fridays are the busiest night at Jamboree Barcelona. The club is packed, and the music is loud. If you are looking for a wild night out, then Friday is the night to go.
  • Saturdays: Saturdays are also very busy at Jamboree Barcelona. The music is similar to Friday nights, but the crowd tends to be a bit older and more sophisticated. If you are looking for a more upscale night out, then Saturday is a good option.

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