INPUT is a creative space of art, music and performances. This is a space where new age, innovative artists go to freely express their varied taste in music and performances. Input welcomes all kinds of young, open-minded crowds of individuals and is the spot in Barcelona to get your creative juices flowing.

Input follows a dress code like any other club, and if you are looking to visit Input to enjoy some of the house, electro, techno or minimal styles this nightclub is famous for, here is all you need to know about the dress code for Input.

Input Dress Code for Men

Input is one of the most popular techno hubs in Barcelona; however, the club has only one main motto; to give their customers a night of their lives. The club believes in allowing their patrons to experience a new depth and level of music appreciate. The dress code for Input is casual, so here are the main guidelines that you need to follow for Input Barcelona.

  • The clothes:

The psychedelic atmosphere at Input will have you forgetting that you are even a part of this world for one, incredible night. The dress code for Input is strictly casual, but trust me; your experience will be way beyond casual!

You could wear a fancy T shirt or any other club outfits that you have. Probably skip the fancy formals, as you might just feel out of place in them. You can wear jeans, or even trousers, totally up to you. However, sports attire would still be a big no no for the club.

  • The shoes:

Even with a casual dress code, Input is quite strict about how you dress your feet. This means no flip flops, sandals, or running shoes.

Fancy sneakers are allowed, or even just a pair of Converse or Vans. The point is to be comfortable, because you would be on your feet all night dancing to the music and the vibes of all the unique people around you.

  • The hair:

A place which welcomes innovation, creativity and uniqueness is definitely not going to put down hard rules about how you should dress your hair for this club! Regardless of how you decide to style your hair, it will all look the same once you are done with the Input experience! So wear your hair in whatever style you wish to! Embrace your uniqueness.

  • The tattoos:

The LED lighting of the club, coupled with the psychedelic ambience, mind boggling cocktails and the unique vibe of the crowds are going to give you a totally different experience of a nightclub that you have ever experienced. Tattoos are most welcome at Input; the more unique and one of a kind, the better. That being said, tattoos that you might be hiding in intimate places should be kept hidden while at the club.

  • The company:

Input lures you into its circular structure of creativity and a once in a lifetime spectacle which will thoroughly blow your mind away. While you can always go solo and find a couple of interesting personalities to gel with at Input, this is an experience best enjoyed with others. It would do you a world of good to take a few girls along with you to the club and enjoy the unique ambience of Input.

Input Dress Code for Women

Input Barcelona is one place in the entire city with absolutely no regards for brands, glitzy clothes and fashion culture. The only thing that you should look forward to at Input is to really bask in the ambience and get lost in the world of psychedelics, techno and electro for one night. The dress code for women is Casual.

  • The clothes:

Input has an electronic culture that you will experience in eardrum busting decibels once at the club! I don’t mean to make it sound scary though, it is most definitely the experience of a lifetime. At Input, nobody is going to notice your hundred dollar outfits, so it is better to save them for some other club. Just put on one of your club appropriate dresses and you should be just fine. You can wear something glittery, shiny or even glow in the dark for Input. The LED lighting at the club will have you standing out in your unique outfit.

Keep in mind, it is still not advisable to turn up in beach wear or even sportswear; the club has every right to deny you entry if you decide to end up in any of these outfits.

  • The shoes:

Input is a place where you are most likely going to spend your entire night on your feet; of course, your senses will not be able to control its instincts. The best kind of shoes to wear for the club would be the comfortable kind, something which would help you stay on your feet all night without running the risk of being trampled by other shoes.

However, avoid turning up in sandals or flip-flops because you might just be turned away.

  • The hair:

Get ready to enter into a parallel universe at Input. Your hairstyle will be the last thing on your mind when you enter or even leave Input! You can skip the fancy hairstyle for somewhere else. Put on some fancy glitter in your hair, wear some glow in the dark accessories and just get ready to have a good time at Input! Hair accessories and glow in the dark hair would be simply amazing for Input!

  • The tattoos:

Girls with tattoos have never been turned down from any club as far as I see it, so if you are a girl who is sporting a lot of tattoos, or maybe just a few, you are more than welcome at Input!

That’s it!

Get ready to experience the night of your life; a night where you will literally feel like you have been transported into another universe of art, dance and music. Now that you know the dress code for Input, get ready and have fun!

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