Buy your tickets for special events at Eclipse Barcelona below:

HOW DO Tickets WORK at Eclipse?


The link above will send you the correct portal to buy tickets. You will need to purchase 1 ticket per person. We will make sure to always have the best option to purchase tickets for your chosen club as there are often multiple sellers, or occasionally no tickets at all. In which case we will direct you to the next best option: the guest list.


Be on time* and fit the dress code!

*Best to arrive 30-45 minutes before the cutoff time to avoid lines.


Show your email confirmation of your ticket purchase at the door and enjoy your night!

You may need to show your confirmation email*

Reaching Eclipse Barcelona


Plaça Rosa dels Vents, 1
08039 Barcelona, Spain

To reach Eclipse Barcelona using public transport, follow this guide:

  1. Metro: The closest metro station is “Barceloneta” on Line 4 (Yellow Line).
  2. Bus: Various bus lines stop near the W Barcelona hotel. Check the local public transport website for specific bus numbers and schedules.
  3. Taxi: You can take a taxi directly to the hotel, and most drivers will know the W Barcelona as it is a prominent landmark
  4. Entrance: Once you arrive at the W Barcelona hotel, head to the elevators that will take you to the 26th floor where Eclipse Barcelona is located.

Nearby Restaurants and Bars for Pregame

For pregame options near Eclipse Barcelona, here are a few recommendations:

  1. Salt Restaurant & Beach Club: This beachfront restaurant is located right next to the W Barcelona hotel. It offers a Mediterranean-inspired menu and a relaxing atmosphere with views of the sea. It’s an excellent choice for some pre-club drinks and food.
  2. El Vaso de Oro: If you’re looking for a traditional Spanish tapas bar, El Vaso de Oro is a popular option. It’s about a 10-minute walk from the W Barcelona hotel and offers a wide selection of delicious tapas and local beers.
  3. Carpe Diem Lounge Club (CDLC): Located nearby, this lounge club offers a sophisticated ambiance with a mix of international and Mediterranean cuisine. It has a stylish outdoor terrace with sea views, making it a great place to enjoy a drink before hitting the Eclipse Barcelona club.

These suggestions are just a few options for pregame near Eclipse Barcelona. Barcelona has a vibrant nightlife scene, so you can explore the nearby area to find more bars and restaurants that suit your preferences.

Feel the vibe at Eclipse

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