Eclipse Barcelona, situated at a height of 26 floors on the famous W Barcelona is known for its upbeat DJ music, creative and quirky cocktails, fusion foods and some of the most colorful personalities ending up on their guest list.

Needless to say, if you wish to end up on this very revered Eclipse Barcelona guest list too, there are a few guidelines on the dress code which you will need to follow.

Before you start to sweat on it, here are the guidelines for both men and women to follow for entering into the very popular Eclipse Barcelona.

Eclipse Dress Code for Men

Eclipse is a popular spot in Barcelona for those who enjoy House music and flirty cocktails with fusion foods. Elegance runs through the veins of Eclipse Barcelona. This obviously means that if you would like a chance to enter here, you would have to be dressed to the nines as well!

  • The clothes:

An elegant dress code is strictly enforced at Eclipse Barcelona. Of course, at a high end lounge and bar where you run a good chance of bumping into your favourite celebs, you definitely wouldn’t want to make a first impression in your beach shorts and flip flops, right?

Formal, fancy shirt is what the occasion, rather, the location calls for at Eclipse! So men, bring out your fanciest shirts and dress to impress.

  • The shoes:

An elegant wardrobe should be enforced from head to toe. This simply means that you should not expect entry into Eclipse if you are dressed in a formal shirt, but sporting casual shoes or even sports shoes.

Dress for the occasion; it’s time to bring out your most valuable pair of formal shoes!

  • The hair:

At Eclipse, it is almost a rule that men are looked at way more and way longer than the women! Knowing this, well, I wouldn’t have to tell you twice that you should sport your neatest, most clean looking hairstyle for this bar. If you spend your night right; with the right kind of drinks in your hand, the best music to bring out your moves and the right kind of company to enjoy it with, I assume you would end up leaving the club with messy hair anyway!

  • The tattoos:

Keep in mind again that Eclipse is a very elegant, posh bar. Tattoos are welcome, but with the dress code you are required to follow, your tattoos should most probably not be visible anyway. In case you sport any face tattoos, its best to cover up before entering.

  • The company:

With the most panoramic views of town, Eclipse is a place which is to be enjoyed with the right company. Don’t feel shy to bring along dates with you to really enjoy the ambience of the place with someone else.

Eclipse Dress Code for Women

When it comes to clubs and bars, women always have it easier than the men! That being said, Eclipse is still a very sophisticated club, so following the dress code here is quite important.

  • The clothes:

Eclipse is a very chic, modern and sophisticated place. It goes without saying that even your dress code should be the same! Well, following the elegant dress code at Eclipse, it would be best for the women to bring out their tightest, sexiest and most bedazzling dresses and gowns for Eclipse. The more chic, the better!

  • The shoes:

There are 2 dance floors in Eclipse with House, urban tunes and even premium beats playing on different days of the week. The innovative cocktails will surely make you want to break a sweat on the dance floor. You should put on your fanciest heels for Eclipse; don’t worry about getting tired, there are plenty of comfortable couches all around for you to rest your legs on!

Remember to keep the sports attire for the gym only, as Eclipse has a strict policy to not allow any kind of sports shoes into the fancy bar.

  • The hair:

As you can imagine, reggae hair wouldn’t really blend in with the ambience or even with your elegant dress at Eclipse. Sporting a beautiful, elegant hairstyle would be best. Colors are always welcome, as they simply represent your vibrant personality!

However, it is best to keep the unkempt, beach hair for the beach and not for the club.

  • The tattoos:

It would be a first to hear of a club or a bar rejecting a woman for having tattoos! Unique tattoos are always welcome. Of course, if you are sporting any tattoos in intimate places, Eclipse Bar probably isn’t the best place to show them off! If the bouncers catch you, you might even be rejected from the club! Ouch!

That’s it!

One of the most sophisticated, modern and chic bars in town, Eclipse Barcelona has kept up its reputation over the years; eluding elegance in their décor, their choice of food, cocktails and even their staff.

Now that you know the dress code you will need to follow, put on your best clothes and shoes and get ready to enjoy an experience of a lifetime!

This is a place that you go when you want to dress to impress! So the fancier you decide to dress yourself, the more attention and appreciation you are bound to receive!

Well, you know it all! Have a great night at Eclipse lounge and bar!

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