Costa Breve is located in the uptown part of Barcelona and is popularly visited by young, college students as well as international crowds. This nightclub is a classic spot amongst the trendy, young crowds of Barcelona and is known for hosting some of the best parties in town. Costa Breve nightclub has 3 bars which offer a variety of cocktails and some of the trendiest, new pop songs blasting on their speakers.

Of course, a high-end nightclub as Costa Breve has a pretty strict dress code policy. If you are looking forward to partying it up with some of the most gorgeous crowds in Barcelona, here is all you need to know about the dress code guidelines for Costa Breve!

Costa Breve Dress Code Guide for Men:

Depending on the night and the kind of party being held, the dress code for Costa Breve alternates between smart and casual. Here is everything you need to know about both kinds of nights so that you are fully prepared to beat the moody bouncers and make your way into the mind-blowing parties of Costa Breve.

  • The clothes:

On the nights when there is a strictly Smart dress code, men are expected to turn up in their fancy formals, collared shirts and trousers. Costa Breve is the ultimate place for you to show off your unique sense of fashion and some of the most killer moves on the dance floor! If you have a fancy pair of chinos or three quarters, casual nights are the nights when you can experiment with this fashion. On other nights, you can even put on a fancy T-shirt or a smart, collared T-shirt for a night at Costa Breve to simply enjoy the ambience, bask in the happy vibes and have fun.

  • The shoes:

While most men prefer to turn up in their formals, you can even pull off a pair of fancy sneakers on the casual nights. However, keep in mind that no matter how casual the dress code is, it is never okay to turn up on your flip-flops, sandals or running shoes.

Once you visit the nightclub, you will see that it is only some of the most elite and classy crowds who come to a party at Costa Breve, so if you are looking for a chance to party it on with these crowds, well, you need to look the part!

  • The hair:

Well groomed and neat hairstyles are the best option for Costa Breve. If you are sporting long dreads, cornrows or some bright, colourful and quirky hairstyle, Costa Breve might not be the best place to show it off at. However, a few subtle experimentations with your hairstyle might still be accepted, it all depends on the moods of the bouncers for the night honestly.

  • The tattoos:

With the strict dress code on both smart as well as casual nights, it would be quite difficult for you to show off any tattoos that you might have on your arms, your legs, your stomach or your chest. However, other visible tattoos are alright.

  • The company:

Costa Breve is an upscale nightclub in an elite neighbourhood. It is kind of obvious what kind of crowds you could expect to run into at Costa Breve. While it is completely your choice to visit this famous club alone and find a few fun personalities along the way, it would do you a world of good to maybe bring a few ladies along with you to the club.

Costa Breve Dress Code Guide for Women:

Costa Breve is the ultimate nightclub for the posh, elite and fancy women of Barcelona. Located in an integral part of town, Costa Breve hosts some fabulous parties for their customers, along with having a variety of cocktails to sip on and a massive dance floor for dancing all night.

Just like any other high-end nightclub, Costa Breve has a few sets of rules in regard to their dress code policy. Here is all you need to know about the Costa Breve dress code for women.

  • The clothes:

The Smart Casuals dress code policy at Costa Breve opens up new worlds of experimentation for the women. Have a nice, new club dress that you want to try out? Put it on! Prefer to dance in a short skirt or shorts, no problem! Or if you have really sexy attire which is just perfect for a night at the club, well, there’s no place like Costa Breve to show it off at!

Avoid wearing sports attire or beach wear to this club, and you will not face any issues with the dress code policy of Costa Breve.

  • The shoes:

At Costa Breve, the amazing music will pretty much have you on your feet all night long, however, don’t be dissuaded from wearing your favourite pair of killer high heels! If your pretty little feet do happen to get tired, there are loads of sitting areas where you can give your feet a rest along with some drinks and food at your table to gain some more energy!

So put on your high heels fearlessly and sway the crowds away!

  • The hair:

Long, beautiful hair is always a killer attraction; however, if you are sporting some trendy colours on your hair, head accessories, hats or caps, Costa Breve is a great place to explore all these different styles! As long as you don’t end up with dirty, matted hair, you are cool!

  • The tattoos:

Almost everyone nowadays sports body art, and Costa Breve is not the place to be shy about it! Show off your works of art on your body without any fear at this nightclub, as the casual dress code will allow you to show off any tattoos on your back, arms, stomach, and even legs!

That’s it!

Well, that’s pretty much all you need to know about this mind-blowing nightclub spot at Barcelona. Now that you know about the dress code policy, you know exactly how you need to dress to impress for Costa Breve!

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