Bling Bling Barcelona exudes one thing in abundance, and that is elegance. With an extremely strict door policy, Bling Bling welcomes some of the hottest and trendiest crowds of the city. Open from Thursday through Saturday, Bling Bling prides in having a number of old patrons, and of course, new ones coming in every day.

However, an exclusive club like Bling Bling follows a very strict dress code. If you are looking to dive in and bask in the ambience of the club, here are the dress code guidelines you will need to follow.

Bling Bling Dress Code for Men

An upscale and extremely sophisticated club, Bling Bling Club amalgamates hip-hop culture along with elegance and sophistication. The dress code for Bling Bling is Elegant, and you are expected to dress in a glamorous fashion. In order to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings, here is what you should know about the dress code for men.

  • The clothes:

An Elegant dress code means no T-shirts and no sports attire. Men, bring out your fanciest shirts, and don’t shy away from putting on some ‘bling’ if you wish to! However, do not go too overboard with your ‘bling bling’ fashion, as only the most fashionable, well dressed and well-groomed individuals are allowed into this prestigious club.

  • The shoes:

Needless to say, absolutely no sneakers and sports shoes will be allowed at the club. Since Bling Bling is all about elegance and sophistication, men’s formal shoes would be the best option for this club in Barcelona. You will come across a lot of different personalities dressed in their unique sense of fashion at Bling Bling.

Keep in mind, your shoes are one of the first things the bouncers at Bling Bling will notice, so make sure that your shoes are really classy and impressive!

  • The hair:

For men, well-groomed hair is a must! Even though Bling Bling Club might appreciate the hip hop culture and style, if you end up with messy dreadlocks or ‘just out of bed’ hair, you will most probably not be allowed to enter into the club!

Stick with hip hop just on the dance floor, and not on your wardrobe!

  • The tattoos:

With the strict dress code that you are required to follow for Bling Bling, you would most probably not get a chance to show off chest tattoos, stomach tattoos, and leg tattoos. However, other kinds of tattoos are welcome.

When it comes to head tattoos, well, you can never be too sure. The bouncers at Bling Bling hold all the power to allow guests to enter the club or not. So if you start off on the right foot with them, you might just be allowed to enter. However, it is best you keep your tats covered up, just to be safe!

  • The company:

Bling Bling hosts some of the most magnificent parties of the century. And they are hosted every week! It is obvious that you would run into some pretty awesome crowds at this club. However, it always works out in the favour of a man to get a few girls along with you to the club. Club rules are always more relaxed for women!

Bling Bling Dress Code for Women

This club is all about elegance, sophisticated, and of course, lots of bling! So why should your clothes be any different! The dress code for Bling Bling Club is strictly Elegant, so here are the guidelines you will need to follow for Bling Bling Barcelona.

  • The clothes:

Ladies, bring out your fanciest, most blinged-up dresses! If there is any place to put on your best bling, it is at this club! Bring out your gowns and dresses, the more bling, the better! The interior of the club is decorated with lights, mirrors and glass, and your dress will shine out all the more in a décor like this.

Ladies, it is your time to shine!

  • The shoes:

As for the shoes, well, you can put on your best stilettos for Bling Bling. The dance floor is spacious and always playing amazing tracks for you to dance along to. Don’t worry about getting tired in your high heels though, there are plenty of places for you to take a little rest, have a few drinks and get right back on the dance floor.

  • The hair:

An elegant place like Bling Bling calls for elegant hairstyles as well. Fancy braids, clean hairstyles and innovative jewellery are what are most appreciated at this club. Why should only your clothes have all the bling? Put on some bling in your hair too!

  • The tattoos:

Well, I have personally never heard of any club rejecting a woman for having tattoos. Wear your best outfits and show off your unique tattoos to the crowds at Bling Bling. You can even put on some body glitter for the club, as I said, the more bling, the better!

That’s It!

Well, getting entry into one of the most popular and posh clubs in Barcelona will obviously be a bit of a task. But once you enter the club, you will be absolutely blown away by the décor, the music and the people you will come across.

Following the dress code guidelines will help you avoid any misunderstandings at the club door and have you send to some other club.

So now you know it all! Dress in your fanciest bling and get ready to really shine like a diamond at Bling Bling Club Barcelona.[/vc_column_text][us_single_image image=”55959″ align=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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