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Barrokos Barcelona Club is an electrifying hotspot nestled in the heart of Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife scene. Stepping into Barrokos is like entering a realm where modernity meets timeless opulence. The club’s design seamlessly blends contemporary elements with a touch of baroque elegance, creating a captivating ambiance that leaves visitors in awe.

The main dance floor of Barrokos boasts a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system, delivering an immersive audio-visual experience that keeps the energy high all night long. Renowned DJs from both local and international scenes grace the decks, spinning an eclectic mix of beats, ranging from the latest chart-toppers to classic dance anthems.

Beyond the dance floor, intimate lounges adorned with plush seating and stylish decor invite guests to unwind and mingle with friends or make new connections. The expert bartenders serve an extensive array of signature cocktails, premium spirits, and refreshing beverages to satisfy every palate.



  • By Metro:
  • The nearest metro station is Poble Sec (L3). From the station, it is a 5-minute walk to Barrokos Barcelona club.
  • You can also take the metro to Paral·lel (L2 or L3) and walk for about 10 minutes.
  • By Bus:
  • There are several bus lines that stop near Barrokos Barcelona club. The closest bus stops are Poble Sec – Llacuna (lines H14, V21, and V27) and Almogàvers-Pamplona (lines 7, 41, and 141). From either bus stop, it is a short walk to the club.
  • By Car:
  • There is no parking available at Barrokos Barcelona club. The best way to get there by car is to park in one of the nearby parking garages.

Barrokos Barcelona club is located at Carrer d’Aribau, 242, 08006 Barcelona, Spain.

Quick Tip : For those of you coming from abroad, uber and other private ridesharing apps are illegal in Barcelona. The best alternative is Cabify which is essentially the same as uber but legal in Barcelona.


  • Dress code: Barrokos Barcelona has a casual chic dress code. Men are usually required to wear collared shirts and shoes, while women can wear whatever they feel comfortable in. However, the club reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who is not dressed appropriately.
  • Age requirement: The age requirement for Barrokos Barcelona is 18+. However, there may be exceptions made for minors who are accompanied by an adult.

QUICK TIP: However, if you dress up very well and especially if it is not a weekend night, there is a good chance you’ll be let in if you are under the age requirement.


The average line for Barrokos Barcelona club varies depending on the day of the week and the time of night. However, it is generally safe to say that there will be a line, especially on weekends and during peak hours. The line can be quite long, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, so it is advisable to arrive early if you want to avoid waiting.

Here are some tips for avoiding the line at Barrokos Barcelona club:

  • Arrive early. The earlier you arrive, the shorter the line will be.
  • Go on a weekday. The lines are usually shorter on weekdays than on weekends.
  • Go during off-peak hours. The lines are usually shorter during the early evening or late night.
  • Buy a VIP ticket. VIP tickets give you access to a separate line that is usually shorter than the general admission line.

Here are some average wait times for Barrokos Barcelona club:

  • Weekdays: 15-30 minutes
  • Weekends: 30-60 minutes
  • Peak hours: 60-90 minutes


  • Cover charge: The cover charge at Barrokos Barcelona varies depending on the night, but it is usually around €20 for men and €15 for women.
  • Drink prices: Drinks at Barrokos Barcelona are relatively expensive, with cocktails starting at around €10. Bottles of alcohol start at around €150.
  • Other costs: There is a €5 charge for coat check.


  • VIP tickets: VIP tickets give you access to a separate line that is usually shorter than the general admission line. You also get access to the VIP area, which has its own bar and dance floor. VIP tickets start at around €100.
  • Bottle service: Bottle service is a great way to get a table and have your own bottle of alcohol. This is a popular option for groups of people who want to party together. Bottle service starts at around €200.


  • Fridays and Saturdays: These are the busiest nights at Barrokos Barcelona, so expect long lines and crowded dance floors. However, if you are looking for a lively and energetic atmosphere, these are the nights to go.
  • Weekdays: The weekdays are a bit quieter at Barrokos Barcelona, but you will still find a good crowd. This is a good option if you are looking for a more relaxed and intimate experience.
  • Special events: Barrokos Barcelona often hosts special events, such as pool parties, fashion shows, and concerts. These events are usually very popular, so it is best to book your tickets in advance.

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