Apolo Club Barcelona is actually made up of two adjacent venues; Apolo 1, an old, spacious club with an old, theatre like vibe, and Apolo 2, a more modern take on nightclubs with is smaller, darker and more up to date with the new age nightclub scene. Both the clubs have a distinct sense of style, music and personality.

Apolo Club, just like any other club, follows a strict door policy and dress code. If you are looking forward to enjoying the paradoxical vibes of the Apolo club, here is all you need to know about the dress code!

Apolo Dress Code for Men

Men always find it harder to enter a club. Why? Well, as a man, wouldn’t you prefer a club to be full of pretty faces of girls? Well, Apolo Club is one such club which has no such restrictions. The club is a popular hangout spot for youngsters who come here to rediscover their taste in music. So if you are looking to enter Apolo Club, here are the dress code guidelines that you need to know to avoid any restrictions from our moody bouncer buddies!

  • The clothes:

Apolo Club has a strict Casual Club wear dress code. So what does this mean for the men? Well, bring out your shirts and a nice pair of trousers, because that is what you will need to wear to gain entry into Apolo Club. Since the dress code says Casual Club Wear, you could still wear a normal looking full sleeve shirt without any issues. You do not need to go all fancy and bring out your best club wear, so you can breathe a sigh of relief!

However, it is best to keep your T shirts or sports attire out of the club. You will strictly be denied entry into the club if you end up in these.

  • The shoes:

While you can always opt for your formal, close toed shoes, Apolo Club is pretty lax and will allow you to wear your fancy sneakers as well. However, this does not mean that you should wear your running shoes and expect zero distress from the bouncers!

  • The hair:

Wear it up in spikes, or a sleek fade cut, or even a crew cut, there is no such strict restriction you will face at Apolo Club. That being said, Rasta colored hair, or a bright Mohawk might be frowned upon. It all depends up on the moods of the holy bouncers! Some nights are better than others! However, it is best to play it safe and come well groomed in a neat hairstyle to Apolo Club.

  • The tattoos:

With the strict dress code you are required to follow, I don’t see how you can show off any bicep or chest or even leg tattoos at this club. In case you are extra adventurous and have face tattoos, well, maybe it would be best to cover them up for this club.

  • The company:

While you can always enter solo, it never hurt to bring along a few girls with you to the club, right? Especially if it gives you better chances of gaining entry into the club!

Apolo Dress Code for Women

Apolo is one of the oldest and most popular nightclubs in Barcelona. The two venues are perfect for discovering different genres of music and taking a break from the usual part scenes that you can find at most other nightclubs. While women always find it easier to enter into any club, there is still a dress code which you will need to follow, otherwise you might just be denied entry into the club.

  • The clothes:

The dress code for Apolo Club Barcelona is strictly Casual Club wear. Keep in mind ladies; this is slightly different from a Casual dress code policy. While you can relax a bit and wear a nice, comfortable yet alluring dress, it is best to keep the casual clothes at home. Dress in some of your more comfortable club outfits, instead of the really fancy ones, is all Apolo Club asks of you.

  • The shoes:

A Casual Club wear policy extends to your foot wear too. So for Apolo, you can put on your high heels and stilettos, or just wear a more comfortable but fancy shoe, whichever you prefer.

Sports shoes and flip flops are a total no no. Also, it is best to remember that Apolo Club can get quite crowded, even congested, simply due to the immense popularity of this club. So you might want to ditch the six inch heels and opt for something a little more comfortable to help you manoeuvre through the crowds.

  • The hair:

While extreme hairstyles might not be the best idea for this club, you can sport which ever hair style you are most comfortable in, for Apolo Club. That being said, your messy bun or ‘just out of bed’ hair might not be the best idea for the club. After all, it is in fact a night club where you want to have a great time partying with your friends. Who knows who you might bump into in this popular spot of Barcelona!

  • The tattoos:

Tattoos can be quite expressive of your unique personalities. Apolo Club is one such place which welcomes all kinds of unique characters. So don’t worry about your tattoos! You don’t need to cover them up, as you might have to for some clubs. Show them off and love the attention you will be getting!

However, it is best said that any tattoos that you might have in more intimate places is probably best NOT shown off at Apolo Club. Depending upon the mood of the bouncers, you might just get your entry into the club restricted. Better not to take a chance with these moody men!

That’s it!

Well, you are all set with the dress code guidelines which you need to follow for Apolo Club Barcelona. Remember, the most important thing is to have a great time, so go and have yourself a great night at Apolo Club!

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